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Building and pest inspections can safeguard your premises, your family, or your business. This includes a structural inspection. If you are in the property market, this is particularly important, because the previous owners of the property may have eradicated pests, but what hidden damage was left behind?

Purchasing a new building only to find the core structures munched away or ready to disintegrate can result in a write-off, in terms of the money you have invested. Furthermore, you will need a guarantee of safety.

Buying a house? Make sure the floors and walls are sturdy, keeping your family in a protected home environment free from dangers.

Inspect The Surrounding Land

Buying a house with a garden? The property should be free from ant mounds. Ant mounds are not simply eradicated with boiling water, as many people assume. Ant mounds have a network of tunnels that often go far deeper into the ground than you would think. The boiling water will not reach to the bottom. This means they can simply rebuild and continue with their nefarious destruction

Furthermore, keep in mind that buildings made from brick or concrete slabs are not safe from white ant damage. If you are purchasing a building with that in mind, it is best to go ahead with a building and pest inspection anyway.

There is also a false belief that dogs and cats will keep rodents issues at bay. In actual fact, domesticated animals may occasionally hunt rats or mice, but rarely in comparison to their wild counterparts. They are provided with food, so the incentive is not really a factor.

We Can Assist You

Smart Pest Control can inspect your building for structural damage, we can assess the integrity of it, pinpoint past problems with infestations, and locate current pest infestations or presences. We are licensed by the Queensland Government, and our work comes with a 12-month warranty. Our eco-friendly approaches are safe for pets and families.

Why Choose Us

  • Exceptionally Professional Team of Pest Experts
  • Effective Solutions and Preventive Measures
  • Fast Response for Service Calls
  • Specialized Expertise and Equipment
  • Clean, Efficient and Professional Service
  • Affordable Listing Price
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance

Services We Offer

  • Free Internal Pest Inspection for the Most Common Pests
  • Monthly, Quarterly, and One-Time Pest Control Services
  • Regular Pest Maintenance Program
  • Certify Your Home to be Pest Free for 1 Year
  • Termite Inspection In and Around the Property
  • Pre Purchase Building Inspections

Areas We Service

We provide building and pest control services for businesses and homeowners in Queensland. Our service areas include:

  • South East Queensland
  • Brisbane Metro
  • Northside and Southside Brisbane
  • Eastside and Westside Brisbane
  • Ipswich and Toowoomba
  • Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast


What is your approach to Australian building inspection service?

We take a very detailed approach to building inspection, thoroughly inspecting all areas of the property inside and out to provide clients with a quality report to make an informed decision.

Do you inspect just the interior or exterior as well?

Our Brisbane building inspection report cover everything – the roof void,  roof exterior, structure, interiors – for a complete and combined building inspection process.

Can I get a recording of building defects found?

Yes, our comprehensive report documents all major and minor defects found and includes photos so you have a detailed record to make a confident decision.

Customer Testimonials

“After a bad experience with another Brisbane building inspector missing things, Smart Pest Control exceeded my expectations for what a timber pest inspection should be.” – Stephanie P.

“I’m glad we had Smart experienced inspector check out the property condition first. His detailed building report and verbal report allowed me to make an informed financial decision about problems that would have cost me big time down the road.” – Michael R.

“We almost made a poor decision until these qualified pest inspectors found termite activity, roof leaks and more that the sellers didn’t disclose. Their inspection quality gave us peace of mind.” – Jane S.

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