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Smart Pest Control is a business born from a genuine passion for improving people’s standard of living. We do this by combating dangerous and nuisance pests from properties.

We are focused on results and we are determined to deliver excellent services that do not impact the natural environment.

This also means that our pest control methods are safe, effective, and enable your family to enjoy your home with no fear of coming into contact with any harmful substances.

We understand how much responsibility we carry. We work with dangerous substances (at times). We also understand how much is at stake, often, pest control will determine the success of a business or it will help a family to stay safe in their home.

We’re also sensitive to the need for discreetness. Having clients see a pest controller outside your business isn’t ideal. We do our very best to operate out of sight, keeping your property pest-free and health and safety compliant.


Our team

Our team is made up of dedicated technicians who understand the pests they are eradicating. We deal with every common pest, from insects like cockroaches and ants right through to termites, spiders, rats, mice, and larger creatures, like small mammals (which need to be relocated in accordance with the local environmental protection acts).

We are sensitive to the needs of the local environment. Our technicians are qualified and receive regular training to improve their skills.

This ensures we can keep our teams safe, keep your property safe, and ensure you enjoy the best possible results from our services.


Ant Control

Ants are related to bees and wasps because they all belong to the Hymenoptera family. There are many different species of ants.

The most common ants which have become a nuisance in households are the odorous ants. They seek out food by smelling it. They are attracted to sweet foods as well as water.


Cockroach Control

Cockroaches must be controlled because they pose a serious health risk to humans. There are a variety of different cockroach species, about 4600 altogether, however, only around 30 ever approach human habitats. Of those 30, only 4 are really problematic for humans.



Termites are also called white ants. They feed on decaying plant matter, favouring wood especially. They thrive in subtropical and tropical regions. In Australia, they become a major problem if they are not controlled.


German Cockroaches

German cockroaches are one example of the 4 types of cockroaches that are problematic for people. They lurk out of sight and often escape notice because they are so small.

Their scientific name is Blattella germanica. Often, these pests enter homes when the eggs adhere to people’s hiking boots after a walk in nature. Once they enter the home, they thrive thanks to the availability of food and water.


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