Top 6 Pest Control Prevention Tips

Ways To Defend Yourself From Pests

Pest Control Prevention


All homeowners agree that pests are nuisance. Thus, we have to take the necessary measures to keep them away from our properties. Given the efficiency of preventive measures over eradication management, we look at some of the best measures you can take from a top specialist Scott Dixon of Pro Pest Gold Coast based in Southeast Queensland.

6 Tips To Keep Pests Away From Your Home

1. Dispose of Trash and Litter Properly

Pests find garbage extremely attractive as it may either contain food or provide shelter for them. It is recommended that homeowners take these steps to avoid resulting infestations:

  • Make sure to have fitted snug lids in your disposal cans.
  • Clean the cans and their locations regularly
  • Avoid spills when disposing trash
  • Clean your yard to get rid of plant clippings, fallen leaves and stagnant water.

Homeowners should properly dispose of recyclable waste to avoid infestation. It would be best if they clean the recyclable wastes before disposing them. The bins for these recyclable waste should also have a snugly fitting lead to deny pests access to their contents.


2. Sealing Off Gaps, Cracks and Crevices

The structure of your home will deteriorate over time. The resulting damage may lead to the manifestation of cracks and gaps in both your interior and exterior walls. Homeowners are advised to frequently check their property for loose shingles and sidings, apparent cracks in the walls or foundation, spaces around utility pipework and take the appropriate measures to seal off these openings. Most pests are small in size and can access these tiny openings to infiltrate and infest your home. Given pests ability to chew through caulk, it would be best if homeowners use the following to seal these gaps:

  • Sheet metal
  • Mortar
  • Coarse steel wool


3. Proper Maintenance of Plants and Shrubbery

Trim Plants and Shrubs Regularly

While plants and shrubbery can add to the landscape’s aesthetic appeal around your home, they may also trigger a stubborn pest problem. Consequently, homeowners should monitor and trim the vegetation around their home and cut back any that touches their property. These plants can serve as bridges and gateways for pests into your home. Mulch and litter from these plants can also provide shelter to pests.


4. Proper Drain Maintenance

The drainage systems for our homes tend to get filthy and accumulate waste over time. These may not only pose a health hazard but also attract numerous pests. Drainage waste may provide an ideal breeding site for pests. Homeowners are advised to regularly check these systems for clogs, backups, and leaks to get rid of conditions that may favour pest infestation.


5. Store Food Properly

Pests have the amazing ability to hone in on exposed food material, and our homes often happen to have a lot of food lying around. Pantry food can be safely and effectively stores in sealable containers and properly locked cabinets. Properly cover any food leftovers.  You should frequently clean out storage cabinets to eliminate unnecessary foodstuff and spillages that could provide feed for pest infestation.


6. Keep Your Home Clean

A clean and well-kept home is less likely to experience a pest infestation. Cleaning is quite irritating for pests as they interfere with their habitats and hamper their activities. Regular cleaning will make sure your home does not meet the ideal conditions necessary for infestation, which  providing food and providing shelter

Regular cleaning will also allow a homeowner to quickly spot infestations and take the relevant actions to eradicate it swiftly. You will also get to notice gaps and entrance ways for pests allowing you to seal them off.


Always remember if you want to eliminate pests, you have to take away  their food, water and shelter. Protect your wallet from spending thousands by following these pest preventive tips. In case you still need our help, don’t hesitate to give us a call.